Rebeca Orrie

Bush School of Texas A&M
Class of 2015

Rebeca’s undergraduate years at Texas A&M focused on politics and diplomacy of the Middle East. During this time, she participated in the Undergraduate Research Scholars Program, focusing on the U.S.’s “unintended consequences” to third party countries in the Middle East due to narrow Cold War policy goals. She received a fellowship for international travel from the L.T. Jordan Institute to conduct part of this research abroad. She lived in Amman, Jordan for three months, improving her Arabic at the University of Jordan’s Language Institute while conducting interviews for her thesis.

Rebeca narrowed her focus of interest at the Bush School to military affairs in the Persian Gulf with a particular emphasis on Saudi Arabia. She toured Saudi Arabia on a program sponsored by the Ministry of Higher Education and the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations during her first year. Rebeca is also a Rosenthal Fellow. Last summer, she interned in the Department of Defense as a desk officer for the Persian Gulf. During her second year she worked as a graduate research assistant for Dr. F. Gregory Gause, assisting with research for the Brookings Institute.

Rebeca is now working at the RAND Corporation as a Research Assistant.

Rebeca is from Canyon Lake, Texas and has working proficiency in Arabic.