Danielle Menard

Bush School of Texas A&M
Class of 2013

Danielle has observed the development and implementation of U.S. foreign policy through internships with various federal government agencies including the Department of Defense’s Office of the General Counsel; the U.S Trade and Development Agency, Sub-Saharan Africa Region; and at the U.S. Embassy in Paris.

Danielle studied abroad at the Sorbonne in Paris in 2010. She also was awarded the Kline Fellowship at Bryn Mawr College, allowing her to pursue advanced Russian studies in St. Petersburg this summer. At Bryn Mawr, Danielle was a member of Model United Nations, the volleyball team, the equestrian team, and the BMC Greens, and was coach of the gymnastics team. She speaks French at an advanced level and Russian at an intermediate level. She is from Los Angeles, California.