Kent Elliott

Maryland School of Public Policy
Class of 2013

As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thialand 2009-2011, Kent served as a Community Development Volunteer in Thailand. While there, he worked with local government and village groups on projects for agricultural extension, environmental conservation, youth development, and HIV/AIDS awareness. After interacting with Peace Corps staff members and Foreign Service officers from various U.S. agencies, he was convinced that the collaboration between U.S. federal employees and Thai civil servants served an important diplomatic purpose.

Kent studied international political economy at the School of Foreign Service while at Georgetown. He also worked as a research assistant at the University’s Economics Department developing computer programs to evaluate the results of economic experiments. Following his graduation, he served as a canvass director for Grassroots Campaigns, Inc where he led fundraising campaigns for the Democratic National Committee for the 2008 election.

Kent is originally from Walnut Creek, California and is proficient in Spanish, Thai, and Lao languages.