Adriel Taslim


Class of 2018


As an undergraduate Violin Performance and French major, Adriel’s interest in International Affairs grew out of his multi-cultural heritage and his overseas experiences. During his time at Mercer University, he studied languages and music—learning French, German, and Mandarin—while also becoming a concert violinist and performing at festivals and concerts in Europe and America. His background in Western culture, international experiences, and Asian heritage combined to lead to an in interest in international studies. While continuing to study music in college, he began an Asian Studies minor, and sought out opportunities to combine his linguistic and cultural interests through overseas English teaching programs. In 2012, he volunteered during the summer as an English teacher in rural Taiwan and, in 2014, began gap year abroad as a volunteer in Lamphun, Thailand with the Teach Thailand Corps.

These different experiences have served to increase his fascination with the area that he hopes to serve in the future. With the aid of his multicultural background and cultural sensitivity, Adriel aspires to work in Foreign Service in order to continue learning and promoting cultural understanding between the peoples of different countries. He will use his familiarity with cultural traits in conjunction with his education in political and economic issues to promote the political stability of the region and cultural understanding between Western nations and Southeast Asia.