Isidoro Ramirez


The Maxwell School at Syracuse University
Class of 2017


Isidoro Ramirez will begin his graduate studies in International Relations and Economics in the fall of 2015. His interests in national security, the Middle East, and economics hope to lead him to a career supporting the U.S. Defense Department and its global operations.

After high school, Isidoro enlisted for six years in the Navy as a logistics specialist. He was stationed in Jacksonville, FL with logistics squadron 58. Halfway through his enlistment, Isidoro changed his military specialty to become a naval aircrewman. This opportunity allowed him to travel to 18 countries and go on flights that took him literally around the world. It was this experience that piqued his interests in international affairs, national security, the Middle East, and economics.

At the end of his enlistment, Isidoro left the Navy to attend Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas. He graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. in Economics and Political Science. In the summer of 2014, Isidoro participated in the American Economic Association’s Summer Training Program, which prepares undergraduates for graduate level studies in economics. While an undergrad, Isidoro studied Arabic, interned at the Heritage Foundation, interned at the Defense Intelligence Agency; and presented a paper at the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank’s Economics Scholars Program for Undergraduate Research.
Isidoro is currently in the Army Reserve as a Psychological Operations Specialist. He spent a year working for Bryan Independent School District as a math tutor and substitute teacher. He also volunteered with the Cub Scouts of America and mentored middle school students.