Rebekah Sewell

Bush School of Texas A&M
Class of 2014

In 2010, Rebekah studied abroad at Oxford University, taking tutorials in international affairs, journalism and worldviews. This formative experience inspired Rebekah’s decision to continue her studies in international affairs. In 2011, she earned a fellowship with the John Jay Institute in Philadelphia, a program that aims to train up principled public leaders for public service. As part of this fellowship, she was given the opportunity to intern with a public policy institute in Australia. There she performed research and analysis on Australia’s refugee issues and spent some time under Shadow Foreign Minister Julie Bishop in the Australian Parliament.

In 2013, Rebekah interned overseas in Berlin, Germany at the US Embassy of Berlin in the press department. She has been active throughout her academic career in journalism and was published in Viewpoint, an Australian non-profit magazine, for her research on refugee policy. Rebekah’s career interests are in national security and diplomacy, particularly in the application of national security policy and in the US’s military and diplomatic posture in the Middle East.

Her first experience overseas was as an ambassador for the Lion’s Club, which included a six week circuit through Europe and meetings with various Lion’s Clubs and international youth across Europe. Since then, Rebekah has traveled to ten countries throughout Europe and to Australia. She speaks intermediate German and has studied Koine Greek, Latin and Ancient Hebrew.