Timothy “Bo” Kemper
Executive Director, 2010-2017
Robertson Foundation for Government

March 25, 2018

Dear Robertson Fellows, Advisors, Partners, and Friends:

It is with great sadness that the Robertson family acknowledges the passing of Timothy “Bo” Kemper. We will greatly miss Bo’s kindness, magnanimity, and his fidelity to the mission of the Robertson Foundation. We fondly remember Bo for the personal touch that he brought to his work; but most of all, we remember Bo for his heartfelt advocacy for the careers of each individual fellow.

He joined the Robertson Foundation for Government (RFFG) in 2010, and from the very beginning of the new fellowship program Bo provided important assistance to the founding board members in the creation and development of the successful program that we have today. His enthusiasm and skill helped build a sense of “family” for the Robertson graduate students that has led to the productive and congenial relationships that are very much alive today. It is a legacy that will advance the interests of the program into the future.

We also will miss Bo for the relationship that he had with each of us in the family. Being a family foundation, he knew us as such. It was not uncommon to find Bo in our homes, at special events such as our weddings, and otherwise engaged with our lives outside of RFFG.

To the Kemper family, we extend our deepest sympathies.

The RFFG Board of Directors