John H. Linnartz

Board of Directors
Robertson Foundation for Government

John H. Linnartz is the Chairman of the Foundation. He is also the founder of Linnartz & Associates, LLC. a nationally recognized trusted advisor, consultant and speaker to leading family businesses, family offices, family foundations and family councils. He is highly experienced in multigenerational enterprises and helps to create the environments where affluent families have the greatest chance of flourishing. His special emphasis is in family communications, family philanthropy and developing successful next generation leaders. He mentors individuals and families to become prosperous stewards of their financial, intellectual, and social wealth across generations. He has worked with and presented to numerous families at family business gatherings and conferences throughout the United States, England and Switzerland.

In addition to serving as Chairman of the board of directors of the Robertson Foundation for Government, he serves his own family in positions of leadership in several other family foundations. He has held leadership positions in his family office, investment committee, family council and in other legacy structures.

Mr. Linnartz has over 30 years of experience in the for-profit and non-profit arena. Previously, he excelled in positions with two Fortune 500 companies, Becton Dickinson & Co. and General Electric & Co. While at GE he attended GE Management School (Crotonville) in leadership, innovation, strategy and earned a green belt in Six Sigma. His collaborative approach has helped build resilient teams, merged organizations, create needed programs, mentored and grow individuals, boards, and has led organizations in a strategic planning process. He is a life-long sailor who holds a United States captains license and is an active member of several clubs.